Our Collective

Mutant Legal is a collective of legal activists in New York City organizing within a framework of radical care and anti-oppression. Our projects involve collaboration and education with and in support of peoples’ movements and marginalized communities traditionally excluded from access to meaningful justice. We agitate around issues of law and justice from a clear understanding that those two things are not the same.

We have short-term goals, like trying to hold the legal system accountable to the promises it has made to the people, and sharing information to help mitigate the damage of the harmful actions of the state and its agents. We also have long-term goals, like abolition of the prison and police systems, and expanding the understanding that the state is inseparable from existing systems of power, violence, and oppression.

Brought together by a focus on empowering people, we are committed to working together continuously  to develop a better analysis and praxis. With the recognition that we are all commodified in a white supremacist capitalist patriarchy, we believe there is no way to break free of this system on our own without breaking everyone free of its violence.